UKTVNow APK Download

UkTVNow is an application designed for streaming video online. The app has a great user interface and is very easy to use. UkTVNow lets you watch TV online on your mobile device wherever you are. Serves as a portable TV that you always have with you.

With the application, you can view any TV channel around the world at any time. There are many similar applications, but UkTVNow is distinguished by the speed and quality of the streams. This is without a doubt one of the better applications of this type which is currently available for free.

UKTVnow APKSpecifications
App Size13.8 MB
Android Version4.4 or above
App DeveloperUKTVnow
Total Downloads870,000+
Last UpdatedJan 8, 2019

If you have tried other applications to watch TV channels on mobile devices, you must try UkTVNow. We guarantee that you will uninstall the rest of the application and start using only our application. UkTVNow provides the user with the highest video quality and the most top download speed. Download the APK file and see for yourself and you will not be disappointed.

After downloading the application, you can immediately enjoy all the features that it offers. The application has filtering by categories and countries. You can choose from groups such as comedies, documents, entertainment, children’s programs and much more. Everything is designed to be as intuitive as possible for the user.

UkTVNow APK updates and patches

Here is a list of all patches that have been made in the latest version

  • Streaming of multiple channel sources has been fixed
  • The sound quality has been improved
  • The quality of video streaming has been improved
  • Device compatibility has been improved
  • The application is easier to use and more intuitive

The Main Functions Of UkTVNow APK

  • Very easy to use and user-friendly
  • Plan which movie you want to watch and watch without buffering and -downloading data
  • Any display and player settings
  • Search options have been added so that you can find a channel that interests you faster
  • Filter channels by country
  • If you liked the video, please use similar videos
  • Choose videos from 9 available categories
  • Select the video player that suits you best
  • Save your favorite channels on the list to have instant access to them
  • The application does not require registration
  • The highest quality of the videos being played

uktvnow apk features

Download and install UkTVNow APK for Android

Android is a great operating system because without any problems we can install and use applications that are not found in the official Google Play store. UkTVNow is such an application, and we can download it only from an independent site such as this one.

The app is free, and you do not incur any costs using it. To install the apk file on your phone, you need to enable the option to install the application from “unknown sources.”

Enable unknown sources

To be able to install the apk file, you should enable the possibility of installation from “unknown sources.” How to do it?

1. Go to the settings of your Android phone
2. Click the “Security and privacy” tab

3. Find the option “unknown sources” which by default is off

uktvnow apk

4. Enable this option and accept the pop-up message
5. Now you can install and use independent applications

Download And Install The UkTVNow APK

If you have completed all of the steps listed above, you can install and use UkTVNow. How to install the application? Follow the instructions below.

1. Download the latest version of the application by clicking the “Download” button on this page
2. After downloading the .APK file, locate it in the phone’s memory and turn it on
3. Wait for the application installation process to end. It may take a few minutes
4. After installation, the application icon will appear on the home screen
5. Run it and enjoy free access to television

If you use the UkTVNow application for the first time, we recommend reading the user manual so that you can get to know all the functions of the application.

After launching the application, you will see a list of all available channels on the main screen. You can choose any channel from the list that interests you or searches for your preferred channel with the search option.

UKTV apk

If you want to browse videos sorted by country, click the globe icon on the left and select the country you’re interested in.

If you want to search for videos by category, click the menu icon in the upper left corner and select the category that interests you. If you’re going to watch entertainment channels, select the category “Entertainment.” Then only movies from this category will be released from all available countries. You can also filter videos by category and country at the same time.

UkTvNow is the only application for live video transmission which does not require registration and provides all functions completely free. It also gives you access to many sources of streaming in case if the link has stopped working.

The application has the option to change the video player which is an additional advantage. The user sees the current program that is being transmitted and coming. Thanks to this you can plan which movie you want to watch and not miss the broadcast. Just like on YouTube, UkTVNow shows video suggestions similar to the one you are currently watching.

How To Watch Sports Online In The UkTVNow Application

Online sports broadcasts attract a lot of fans. Everyone has their favorite sport that tracks and watches every activity of their favorite athlete. You can be away from home and would like to view the struggles of your favorite player. Then UkTVNow comes to the rescue. With this application, you can watch any sports meeting live and receive notifications of upcoming events so that you do not miss anything. If you are interested, follow the instructions below.

1. Open the UkTvNow application
2. From the main menu, select the “plan” option
3. You will see a list of all available sports broadcasts – both live and upcoming
4. Live events are marked in red
5. All listed events have a name, date and start time
6. To see the list of channels broadcasting the event, click the down arrow
7. To start watching the broadcast, click on the desired channel
8. You can filter channels based on your preferred category using the filter in the upper right corner.
9. Available categories are football, boxing, WWE, NFL, NHL and many more
10. Check which event you are interested in to receive notifications of even offline start

Frequently Asked Questions About UkTVNow.


Why is the UkTvNow application not working on my device?

It happens that the application does not work correctly. This is probably due to the old version of the app. To get rid of the problem, please update it to the latest version. The application will ask for an update itself. All you need to do is agree.

Why can not I install the application on my mobile device?

To install UkTVNow on your device, enable the option to install APK files from “Unknown source.” Make sure this feature is enabled on your device.

Is UkTVNow available on Google Play?

No. The app is not available in the official store and can be downloaded only from independent sources such as this page.

Can I watch live sports events?

The application has such options for some time. You have access to many live sports events in a simple and completely free way.

How do you watch channels in ChromeCast?

To watch videos in ChromeCast, run UkTVNow on your Android device and then connect your device to ChromeCast to broadcast the image to ChromeCast